Win Big with Cashless!


Use your MCB VISA cards on POS terminals or online to access our lucky draw.

Promotional offer

  1. The Win Big with Cashless! promotional oer is valid from 1st December 2023 to 15th January 2024.
  2. A lottery draw will be held on 31st January 2024 to determine 21 winners.
  3. The rst winner will win a Star Prize of SCR 100,000 and the 20 other winners will each win a consolation prize of SCR 10,000.
  4. These prizes shall be credited to the cardholders’ account at MCB Seychelles within 3 days of the lottery date.



  1. The promotional oer is open to MCB Seychelles individual customers who hold an MCB Seychelles Visa Classicdebit, Visa Platinum debit, Visa Classic credit or Visa Gold credit card (“MCB Cardholders”).
  2. One entry to the lottery draw shall be issued to the Cardholder for each approved payment performed at eithera Point-of-Sale (POS) terminal or an e-commerce/online site regardless of the monetary value of the transaction.
  3.  Where applicable, all transactions by the secondary cardholders shall be added to those of the primary cardholder.
  4. As such, the corresponding additional entries to the draw shall be issued to the primary cardholder.



  1. MCB Seychelles employees, customers under the age of 18 and MCB Visa Business cardholders are not eligible for this promotional oer.
  2. Cardholders, both primary and secondary, with overdue credit card payments and/or overdue loan instalments, and/or subject to recovery procedures on any credit facilities from the Bank, are excluded from this promotional campaign.


Conditions for participation

  1. Eligible customers shall not be able to win more than one prize, regardless of the number of lottery tickets that have been issued to them.
  2. A count of transactions carried out in Seychelles or abroad on POS terminals or on e- commerce sites will be made based on the date of authorization for each transaction within the promotion period and tickets issued accordingly to the cardholder.
  3. In accepting their prize, the winners shall grant the right to MCB Seychelles to publish their names and their photo(s) in the press, on relevant communication media identied by MCB Seychelles. The winners may be requested to appear in the national/ international press or on the Bank’s promotional material (physical/digital).
  4. In case of disagreement with the terms and conditions herein mentioned, the decision of MCB Seychelles shall be final and without appeal.
  5. The draw will take place at the MCB Seychelles, Victoria Branch at the Caravelle House Main Oce in the presence of a representative of the Seychelles police.
  6. The winners shall be contacted by phone on the cardholder’s contact number(s) as held in the Bank’s records.
  7. MCB Seychelles shall not be held responsible in the event of a dispute relating to the application of the above conditions.
  8. MCB Seychelles reserves the right to review and modify the above conditions and notice of such changes shall be published and made available to eligible cardholders.