Bulk Payment Services

At MCB, we offer you an advanced, easy-to-use internet-based Bulk Payment service for your salaries, supplier payments and more. This service combines a high level of security and the assurance of maintaining the confidentiality of your Bulk Payment data with simplicity, rapidity and convenience.


Be it for a local payment, a transaction in MVR or foreign currency, you can access our Bulk Payment solution seamlessly anytime, anywhere with the comfort that:

  • The transaction will be processed straight through
  • The Bulk Payment instruction must be set up one working day before payment date or up to 30 business days before, with the verification for funds availability effected on the payment date
  • You can process an unlimited number of transactions per Bulk Payment file
  • You have access to a full audit trail of the transactions that allows you to stay in control of your payments

Robust security

We take security and confidentiality seriously. MCB Internet Banking uses proven, industry-standard levels of security measures to protect your account details in a robust way:

  • SSL (Secure Socket Layer 128-bit encryption) that prevents fraudulent users from reading or amending private data transmitted via a secured channel between your browser and the bank's server
  • A digital certificate which verifies the identity and authenticity of MCB Internet Banking web page
  • You will also enjoy added security and convenience of our Security Token, a two-factor authentication device that generates one-off passwords to authorise your transactions or requests
  • MCB Seychelles uses a powerful firewall mechanism to prevent unauthorised access to and from its information network
  • Automatic timeout which allows the system to log you off the Internet Banking window if there is no activity within 15 minutes. This reduces the risk of fraudulent access if you happen to leave your computer unattended