International Transfers

MoneyGram Send & Receive Transactions.

To send money

Whether you need to support your family, loved ones or friends who are living abroad, or urgently need to send money for whatever reason, simply follow these three steps:

  • Visit any MCB branch with your identity card or passport 
  • Fill in the send form and hand it over together with the transfer amount and the applicable fees 
  • Communicate the unique Reference Number to the beneficiary, who will be able to receive the money in just 10 minutes*

To receive money

Whether you reside in Seychelles or are just visiting, if you need money urgently from your loved ones who are abroad, simply follow these three steps to collect your cash:

  • Ask the person sending you the money to give you the unique Reference Number 
  • Visit any MCB branch with your identity card or passport and the unique Reference Number
  • Fill in the receive form and you will receive your money in Seychelles Rupees



Transfer form

*Subject to agent operating hours and local regulations