All MCB Visa cards are equipped with chip technology supported by Verified by Visa (VbV). 

Discover our free service which delivers safer online shopping at participating merchants. 

Shopping with VbV requires that you update your mobile and email contacts. To do so, please visit your nearest MCB branch and bring along your valid NIN card or passport. 

How does VbV work? 

When you shop online at a participating merchant, an MCB-branded window will pop-up requiring authentication with your seven-digit MCB customer number. 

After successful authentication, you will receive the VbV in the form of a One-Time Password (OTP) via SMS on the mobile number you have registered at MCB beforehand. You can then complete your transaction by inserting the received password. This OTP is valid for a maximum period of 5 minutes and for only one transaction, thus preventing fraud and unauthorised use. 

Tips when shopping online

Check if the site is secure.

Look to see if the web address on the page begins with “https”, not of “http”. That little “s” indicates that information is being encrypted.

Keep your anti-virus software up to date.

Use a secure connection.

Avoid entering any private information such as card details on public computers, as some hackers may have installed malwares on them to record your personal details.

Don’t leave your computer unattended, and always log out of any accounts.

Always keep a close eye on your bank statement.

Check regularly your transactions online and don’t wait for your statement to come at the end of the month. You can access your bank statements online anytime via Internet Banking. 

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