Enabling sustainable investments through green financing

Our Green loan is much more than a loan. It is a means through which we foster sustainable development and provide an impetus to your projects, for the benefit of our planet and the generations to come.

Let us be the change we want to see in Seychelles, let’s move forward with a sustainable mind set.

Make your project a reality and benefit from numerous advantages:

  • Preferential interest rates
  • fee of 0.25% capped at SCR 15,000/-
  • Repayment period: Up to 15 years with grace period on principal payment based on project duration
  • Financing of up to 100% of the investment, subject to the fulfillment of the eligibility criteria


Help save the planet and grow your business.  Contact us now by visiting any MCB Branch, e-mail [email protected] or call us on 4284555.